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Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 PS3 Game Cheats  

Monday, December 17, 2007

Note: Playstation3 Cheats are used to enhance and fully enjoy playing playstation3 games, especially useful for beginners who have just started playing Playstation3 games. Use this Playstation3 cheats and enjoy the advantage it can give you.

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Start of Playstation3 Cheats

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08

All courses
PS3 Game Cheat : Enter greensfees as a case-sensitive code.

All golfers
PS3 Game Cheat - Enter allstars as a case-sensitive code.

Extra money
PS3 Game Cheat - Enter cream as a case-sensitive code.

Wayne Rooney
PS3 Game Cheat - Enter playfifa08 as a case-sensitive code.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 08 Cheats Update December 20, 2007

Go to in-game passwords screen at the Options menu.
Type the following PS3 Game Cheats to Unlock the specified items:

Unlock all golfers - ALLSTARS
Unlock Cleveland Golf-related - CLEVELAND
Precept-related items - GUYSAREGOOD
EA-related items - INTHEGAME
Oakley-related items - JANNARD
J. Lindberg-related items - JLINDBERG
Nike-related items - JUSTDOIT
Unlock Grafalloy-related items - JUSTSHAFTS
Unlock PGA Tour-related items - LIGHTNING
Unlock MacGregor-related items - MACTEC
Unlock Taylormade-related items - MRADAMS
Unlock Bridgestone-related items - NOTJUSTTIRES
Unlock Mizuno-related items - RIHACHINRIZO
Unlock Bridgestone-related items - SHOJIRO
Unlock Cobra-related items - SNAKEKING
Unlock Ping-related items - SOLHEIM
Members of crowd have big heads - TENGALLONHAT
Unlock Buick-related items - THREESTRIPES

Unlockable - All Clubs

PS3 Game Cheat - To unlock all clubs in the game, insert PROSHOP into the in-game cheats prompt.

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